What is a Public Screening?

Public screenings include screenings in businesses, motels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and nightclubs, as well as in cinemas. Permission will also be necessary where a non-profit organisation such as a club, church, sporting organisation or school wants to screen a film or DVD as a fundraiser or group activity. 


Why do I need to purchase a Screening License?

To host a public screening you will need to purchase a screening license. This complies with international Copyright Law & supports the work of the filmmakers to keep making films with important messages .


What are the types of Screening Licenses available?

Community Screenings

Our screening license fees varies, depending on whether you will charge for admission & the capacity of your venue.

If you would like to host a screening in Australia or New Zealand, please visit our AUS/NZ distributors Demand Film.  


Cinema Screenings

To host a cinema screening in the following countries please visit:


Film Festivals and Other

Enquiries for film festivals and other types of screenings please contact: info@bluethefilm.org


Why are subtitles only available in certain languages?

Subtitles have been provided to us by film festivals and other international screening hosts, we do not generate them ourselves. Please note we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the translations. 


How do I attach the subtitles file to the film?

We recommend VLC media player, which is available for both Windows and Mac systems. Information on how to load the subtitles file can be found here: https://www.vlchelp.com/load-external-subtitle/

You are most welcome to use any player you prefer, similar instructions can be found for most media players.